2017 – with ART+COM

Petalclouds is a vast kinetic installation spanning across the Central Galleria of the new soon-to-be opened Terminal 4 of Changi Airport in Singapore.

The artwork evokes the impression of clouds moving slowly in the sky. The collective choreography of the six sculptures based on classical sonata form results in a synaesthetic interplay of form, light and music that can be seen from all around the terminal.

The whole installation spans over 200 meters across the Central Galleria, and is designed as an integral part of the space, creating a connection between the “Public” and “Transit” side of the terminal. The six clouds consist of 16 elements, inspired by petals that are each suspended on two motors with four wires. The wires are used to animate the movement of the elements as well as to transmit power to the lighting inside them.

A custom software framework was developed to enable the artistic composition of the sculpture as well as to simulate the physical behaviour and to control the movement of the 192 motors and lights in unison.

The highly interdisciplinary artwork Petalclouds was comissioned by Changi Airport Group Singapore and developed together with the contemporary composer Ólafur Arnalds, the engineering specialists of MKT AG and the construction team of Takenaka Corporation.

Light, movement, sound and materiality all carry an equal responsibility and meaning in the experience of the artwork.

Photos: ART+COM