Last Clock

2002 - – together with Ross Cooper

'Last' is like a familiar analogue clock, it has second hand, a minute hand and an hour hand. The hands are arranged as concentric circles, the outermost being seconds, the middle one minutes, and the innermost hours. The major difference to a regular clock is that the hands of last are made from live video feed and as they rotate round the face of the clock they leave a trace of what has been happening in front of the camera. Thus, the clock face displays the last minute, last hour and last 12 hours as it's history. The video feed can be any live video source: A camera mounted on the clock itself looking at what is happening in front of it, a remote camera streamed over the internet or TV signal fed directly to the clock. The clock can thus display the local space, remote space or media space respectively. As a clock, the emerging imagery becomes contextualised and makes it meaningful in the space it is being displayed at. As an installation, the system can be used as a living, aesthetic element reacting to the usage of the space.

WebRTC version available here.